Thursday, February 6, 2014

Grammar English Rules For Foreign Students

Grammar English Lesson In The Past

grammar EnglishGrammar English is taught in Grammar translation Method. In the past it is taught intensively to the students. It could consume the whole time of class to teach one of grammar English rules. Grammar English is inevitably important. Even though this is regarded as an old method. But teaching it in an English class is still quite important. By the way, grammar English should be taught integrated with other language skills. It must not given separately in a class. It can be given when it is needed. Sometimes students do not understand some utterances or sentences because of grammar English. Then the teacher can explain the difficult part to his students. So it must not taught

completely in one period of teaching and learning. An English teacher gives it to his students when it is necessary. It will help his students to understand better. In process approach there is no good or bad method. You must teach your students use appropriate method in accordance with the needs. Each method is possible to use for a certain goal. A teacher must be wiseful to select an appropriate approach for a certain topic. Using a proper method for a certain theme will result better for the students insight.  

Grammar English Lesson Todays

Teaching grammar English monotonously can be very boring. So it is now taught integrative with other language skills. It will be more interesting. Students will be able to learn excitingly. The lesson must be closely related with the students needs. The goal of teaching English will be obtained when it is taught thematically. Grammar English must be taught contextually. It is not good to explained grammar English separately to students. A teacher must be wise in use a suitable method. As long as the students are enjoy the learning process and they can learn better, the lesson can go on. The students are the subject of learning process. They learn by themselves exciting. A teacher is the facilitator. He must be ready to help the students to solve their classroom problem.  

Grammar English For Students

grammar EnglishDoes a child of five understand grammar English? Does his mother teach him grammar? By the way how he can say sentences grammatically well. The concept of grammar he receives from his mother automatically. But he does not realize that he studies grammar. Every mother teaches her child how to talk. She does not teach him grammar. The child will learn how to compose a sentence from his mother. He will learn to compose meaningful and acceptable utterances. Generally someone will learn how to talk first. Then he will learn grammar English formally at school. Foreign students usually get some difficulties in mastering grammar English. They often get bad marks because they are very poor at grammar. Unfortunately, grammar English is not emphasized in the English class. For that reason, I would like to help students to master grammar English. In this blog I would like to provide some materials related to grammar. I hope you can enjoy them. And I hope my posting will be useful and helpful for all my readers.

The Use of Grammar Englsih

Mastering Grammar English can be very useful for foreign students. The advantages among others are :

1. Grammar English For Preparation In Taking College Entry Exam

Some colleges give English test in their Entrance Exam. Learning and mastering grammar English could be very crucial for students who are going to enter college.

2. Grammar English For Preparation In Foreign Students' Exchange Test

In Students' Exchange program, a student must be able to speak English. So it is recommended for the students to have a good mastery of grammar English.

3. Grammar English For Preparation In Taking TOEFL Test