Saturday, January 11, 2014

How To Speak In English Fluently For Non Native English Speaker

Why Speak In English?

speak in english Speak in English is a must if you want to be welcomed in international communication. We can not avoid this if you want to be accepted in international relationship. English language is basically used in most of area of the world. It is the most widely spoken language in the world. It is also the most widely taught foreign language. English is a language with the most users among other languages. It is also mostly used on the internet. These facts insist people to be able to speak in English. Or at least we must be able to use it in passive language skill. People are insisted to be able to listen and read English material text. We often listen to people communicating in English on TV, radio, internet and video. English written texts are easily found everywhere. We find them on the road, on public places or at home. Most of electronic media and manual equipments also use English label and description on it. So, English language is getting more familiar with people non english speaker.

How Do You Improve Your English Speaking Skill?

Do you speak in English? Are you a non native English speaker? Do you want to be able to speak in English fluently? If your answer is Yes, so what have you done? Do you take an English course? Do you follow an online English course? Do you achieve an improvement in your English-speaking skill from the course? You can share your experiences in the comment section. I will appreciate it fully. Do you practise speak in English with native speakers? Do you get what you want? In fact there are so many ways we can do to improve our English-speaking skill. Speak in English can be improved if you know the way. It can be fun and amusing. Sure, I will let you know my secret. Can you speak in English fluently just from reading a text book? Do you think your English conversation skill can be improved just by watching English movies? I will share my experiences in improving my English speaking skill.  

Listen First

Baby learns how to speak by listening to her mother first. Here she will have an opportunity to learn how to speak naturally while building vocabulary in her memory. She will automatically construct the structure or the language grammatical in her mind. Her mother does not teach her about the grammar of English. But she gives examples and teaches how to communicate in English. So, before you can speak you must listen to someone speak in English. Now we are grown up and become an adult. We speak in our mother language everyday. How do we learn other languages? We will use the similar method as the baby does. We will do modelling. There must be someone as a model that we can learn from. If you can not find someone to listen to, there is another way. You may buy a digital product ( mp3 or audio sources) that provides you with the level of English conversation. You can listen to it for 15 minutes or more everyday. Whatever the English digital product you buy, but the product must contain :
  1. the most common words and phrases in English.
  2. fun and entertaining stories that are interactive.

Speak In English Easily

It is important to manage some of your time consciously to practise speak in English regularly. It needs much efforts if you want to be able to speak in English and you are a non native English speaker. You may allocate your time 15 minutes or so everyday. And you have to be discipline as well. By using my secret English lesson you can realize your dream. My English lesson will make you :
  1. Become a more confident English speaker
  2. Quickly and automatically think in English
  3. Speak English naturally in conversations
  4. Ace job interviews and get hired by English speaking companies
  5. Become an excellent public speaker in the English language
  6. Learn how to use common everyday English expressions
  7. Learn new vocabulary and English idioms
  8. Develop your listening skills
My English lesson uses interesting English method. This learning method will help you reach a level of English you can speak confidently with native speakers. Start improving your English with 15 minutes every day.
You’ll Learn To:
  1. Understand everyday conversations
  2. Improve your spoken English
  3. Think in English
  4. Learn a new technique that will help you learn English faster
  5. Learn by listening to a level of English that you understand
  6. Learn the 5 secrets to learning English that will save you years
  7. Sound more like a native English speaker in your conversations
  8. Learn common idioms that you won't find in a text book
  9. Naturally learn English without memorizing
  10. Avoid the biggest mistakes people make learning English
  11. Learn on your own time
  12. Become a more confident English speaker
  13. Quickly and automatically think in English
  14. Avoid embarrassment
  15. Ace job interviews and get hired by English speaking companies
  16. Improve your public speaking skills in the English language

Share Your Experiences on How To Speak In English

speak in English Recently I bought a digital product of English lesson. It is about how to improve one's English-speaking skill. It provides lessons in the forms of mp3's and pdf . It is quite simple but contains full of useful everyday vocabularies. So, what should you do if you want to be able to speak in English fluently? There are only two principal ways. They are :
  1. Listen to English speaking a lot , I recommend to listen to authentic english texts with a real english native speaker. You can practise listening to real speaker directly. You can also practise listening to other source material. It can be audio sources (cassette player, mp3 player, online sources etc) or video sources (video player, computer, internet etc). You can do that at least 15 or 20 minutes regularly everyday.
  2. Practise your English orally a lot, You can not just memorize english words, phrases or expressions to be able to fluent in speaking English. You have to talk or speak up orally. You may talk to yourself or talk with your partner. Speak in English whenever you have time to do it.
This kind of learning will help you reach of English you can speak confidently with native speakers.